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Children can start diving from aged 8, with restrictions. Diving is an excellent activity for children and young people. It is great exercise but it is also a calm experience. It enhances self discipline and can increase confidence and self esteem. Most of all it is great fun. There are a variety of ways you can experience diving.

Paul has extensive experience working with a range of schools and clubs and has worked with students with specific needs. Maryse is a qualified and practising teacher and has worked with a range of pupils including those with behavioural difficulties. There are requirements for scuba diving but it is surprisingly accessible so get in touch with us to discuss specific needs.

The Bubblemaker can be run as a one-off experience and this can be a taster of scuba diving. It can also be run as a party for groups (minimum 4) or for school or youth groups. The activity lasts about two hours in total. It can be extended to the Seal Team programme which is a structured programme developing skills in scuba diving. Participants can play under the water and improve their buoyancy in a fun way.  This can be run over a required number of weeks and is suitable for schools and clubs who would like a regular activity. Scuba diving is learning in a fun and interactive way. Divers learn about effects of pressure, marine life and physiology. Therefore it can meet aspects of the National Curriculum.

Click on each programme for more details or get in touch with your individual requirements.

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