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I’ll be honest up front. I love my dive club. I’ll say that up front because I am an active member, and an instructor of the sister dive school. But I chose to join and there are several reasons for this. You don’t need to join our club but there are many reasons to join a club and there are lots of points to research. You’re joining a club to dive so consider the following:

How often do they dive?

There are lots of ways to find out. First just ask. You can also check out the website and see if there’s an up to date calendar or trips schedule and you can have a look at a facebook page where many clubs have a presence. What sort of diving are you looking for? We run frequent trips to inland sites but we also have several weekend trips through the year and an overseas trip every year. We also have a few different trips that are land based such as the hyperbaric chamber for a dry dive.

Is the club affiliated to an agency?

BSAC clubs are run very differently to some other clubs and it’s worth researching what this actually means. We are not affiliated to any particular agency but the sister school runs PADI courses. We welcome any other agency but continued education with us (and we’re happy if you train elsewhere) would be with be PADI.

Who runs/is in the club?

It’s worth checking out that you will get the level of diving you want to have. If you are a new diver does the club have a practice of buddying up with newer members to get them diving and experience? If you are a tec diver will you find buddies you need to get diving?


Consider what you actually get for the money you pay. Membership ranges in our area from around £40 to over £100. You need to know what you’re getting for your money.


The costs are tied in with benefits. Do you get a discount at a dive shop? Do you get a pool session and if so then do you have to pay extra for the pool session? Are there discounts for the trips and visits? Is there training included?

Club Nights

The club nights can be an opportunity to catch up with people and talk diving. But there are also talks and training that can be run in club nights to have a look at the opportunities on offer and see if it meets your needs.

There are loads of great clubs out there so they’re worth checking out. A bit of investment in advance can help you on the track to joining a great club and getting the most out of your diving so take the time to research. If you have any other suggestions please put them below!

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