Ocean Diver Dive Club members can complete their Divemaster course through Ocean Diver school with no course fees. There are, however, costs involved with the Divemaster course independent of course fees. The course will be integrated into all courses run by the school, including the pool sessions. We will run further training sessions to develop the dive skills and to prepare for each part of the course.

As a Divemaster trainee (DMT) you are responsible for keeping records of your training and for arranging to attend as many training opportunities available. We will continue to mentor you once you’re a successful DM and support you if you decide to continue to Assistant Instructor/Instructor.

The Course

Theory: two parts with one covering roles and responsibilities of a Dive Master and one covering Dive Theory. Both parts can be completed online (at student cost)

Emergency Assistance Plan

Waterskills Development: 400m swim/15 minute tread/800m snorkel swim/100m tired diver tow/Equipment Exchange

Diver Rescue

Dive Skills: 24 skills from Open Water course

Practical Application: Dive site up and management/Mapping Project/Dive Briefing/Search and Recovery Scenario/Deep Scenario

Dive Master Conducted Workshops: ReActivate/Skin Diver Course and Snorkelling/Discover Scuba (confined)/Discover Scuba (open water)/Discover Local Diving

Practical Assessment: Open Water students (confined)/Open Water (open)/Continuing Education/Certified Divers in Open Water

Training Costs

There are no training fees. However you will be responsible for:

Divemaster Crew Pack. This is a requirement and will provide you with a hologram to be kept for your application to PADI

Medical. This is a HSE medical that usually costs £120 for the first year and £100 thereafter

All dive site entries and air

Any online learning (optional)

Application fee to PADI



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