Would you like to dive some of the most beautiful sites in the world? The UK has a rich marine life as well as some of the best wrecks going! There are some decent inland sites and there is a vibrant social scene for those who would like to get more out of their hobby and a day out diving is a great way to spend the weekend. Based on some of our members’ experienced we designed a Discover UK Diving to support those who have been warm waters abroad and found it difficult to transfer their passion for diving to the UK. It is very different here in terms of kit requirements, finding a buddy and sea conditions. We will introduce you to the brilliant waters of the UK!

What will I learn?

There are two parts to this course. The first is the logistics of UK diving and second is diving! There are different ways this course can run and will be based on your experience and your expectations. We can offer three different packages with inland sites, sea sites or a combination of both. We will cover all the logistics during the dive days and we would recommend coming along to a dive club meeting to meet other divers that will give you the buddies you need to keep diving.

Level 1: a day of diving in a local lake £99

Level 2: a day of diving at a quarry further afield (e.g. Chepstow, Stoney Cove, Vobster) £199

Level 3: Sea diving (Brighton or on a scheduled trip elsewhere) £99 + your boat costs


You must be an Open Water diver (minimum). Your dive options will be dependent on your level of certification. If you haven’t dived in a while you will need to complete a Reactivate Session.

Speciality Training

You may wish to complete speciality training to support you to access more of the UK opportunities. This might include Wreck or Deep diving. Speak to us about the sort of diving you would like to do and we can put together a training course that meets your needs. These can be integrated into the Discover UK Diving dives.


These are dependent on the type of experience you would like. The first day at a local dive site is £99 plus dive site entry and air. This is two dives with time to talk through the logistics of UK diving as well as coaching in water.  We can also arrange a day at Swanage, a day of boat diving or even a weekend with boat dives. This is less cost effective as your costs and that of the instructor would need to be covered. We would recommend instead that you consider joining the club, taking advantage of the benefits of club membership. If you would like one to one, however, please do get in touch with your requirements and we can cost the course accordingly.

Discover UK Diving

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