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Children can start their dive experience from aged 8. If you have a family then it can be a great opportunity for a family hobby that adds an extra dimension to your holidays.

Diving develops confidence, decision making skills and leadership skills. It also applies communication skills and divers develop an appreciation and awareness of the world around them, learning more about the underwater world and our fragile relationship with the environment.

Diving with friends and families builds bonds both under and above the water and is both challenging and relaxing. It’s surprisingly accessible to a range of different needs so always check first if you’d like to dive but wonder if you’re able to because of an exisiting condition.

You can take family friendly dive holidays to a variety of locations including Lanzarote in Europe, or further afield in Mexico, the Caribbean or to Australasia, Thailand and the Philippines. With 70% of the world underwater there are lots of experiences and adventures to be had!

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