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UK Diving has some of the best diving in the world. Add in a vibrant community and it’s a great way to spend a day or a weekend and enjoy diving right through the year. It’s a bit different, however, from jumping in off a boat overseas. You generally need your own kit to dive in the UK (and you need to build up your own kit with our club too) and we ask you to have a bit of experience first before jumping in. Here’s how you can build your experience.

Inland water

We have some great inland sites. Wraysbury is local to us and there are a few of us who jump in there regularly. Get a few dives in with the kit you’ll be using in the sea. Make sure you know how to use your SMB as you’ll be using that in the sea! Chepstow/Vobster/Stoney are a bit further afield but offer the opportunity to dive at depth. You can ask other members if they’d like to come along and use the Facebook group or club evenings to ask for a buddy.

Day dives

Mulberry Divers have lots of dives for people to jump onto. We also have day dives to the sea and you can jump on those. However, if you’re new to the sea dives in the UK you’d need to be buddied with an experienced diver. You’d need to be able to use your SMB confidently and have used your kit in an inland site first.


These are a great way to build up your experience in the sea and a weekend away cements all you’ve learned so far. They’re great ways to see different parts of the UK and see wrecks and reefs and marine life galore.

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