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If you are a Rescue Diver you have already reached the point in your diving career where you are aware of the needs of more divers than just yourself. The Dive Master course is a great way to take the next step into leadership in diving. It can open up opportunities to extend your diving and gives you a different perspective. If you complete the additional training you can then take Discover Scuba courses and it is a privilege to introduce new divers to the underwater world.

Once you’ve built up some experience as a Dive Master you may want to continue to teach diving. Although you can train for Instructor straight after certifying as a Dive Master we recommend building up time and experience with our instructors to then allow you to learn more, increase skills and build confidence prior to becoming an instructor.

Click on the links for more information, get in touch or come along to a pool session or a club meeting to discuss how you would like  to take your first step into professional diving.

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