Who can take part?

Diving is available for those aged 8 and over. It is also accessible to children with a range of different needs so get in touch if you have pupils or group members with SEND. A medical form must be completed in advance.

How does diving link to the curriculum?

Diving introduces many different concepts. We can discuss different aspects if you would like to link sessions to the curriculum. For example, we can look at the world around us and explore marine life. We could consider skills needed for wreck diving and then discuss wrecks around the UK. There is a lot of physics involved in diving and we can talk through pressure and water as well as physiology and diving. Please get in touch with us to discuss particular learning goals and we can design activities to meet your requirements.

For more information about sessions we can offer in schools and clubs please click here.

For classroom sessions on Learning Through Diving click here.

If you are a Cubs or Scouts group then click here to learn how scuba contributes to awards.

The Scouts also has resources available for running scuba diving through an external provider.

Diving is an excellent activity for young people. We welcome enquiries from different groups for scuba activities and we can offer a variety of sessions to meet your needs. Scuba diving can be run as a one off activity, or as a series of sessions.  We regularly run sessions for group such as Scouts and other uniformed groups and Scuba Diving can be used for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  Young people can have fun in a safe and controlled environment and try diving for themselves. They learn different skills needed for diving and these can be developed over a number of sessions. In a one-off session children will have a safety briefing and then in small groups with an instructor they will start to dive! The skills are reinforced with practice through games and activities.  

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