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There’s no getting away from it; UK diving is not always turning up and getting kit that fits brilliantly and then jumping on a boat. We generally have our kit set up here and although it can take people a while to get themselves sorted all divers are a lot happier in their own kit. The cost may seem prohibitive but once you have it then it’s a lot cheaper than hiring your own stuff and it’s always nice to have a suit that fits you! Come along to a club night and have a chat with different members about how they got their kit sets together.

Dive computer Everyone needs their own computer. You can get them new fairly reasonably and also pick up second hand for around £100.

Dry Suit This is often the biggest outlay with new suits costing £600 to £1000. You can look for a second hand suit but this comes with risks. If you pay £200 for the suit and then need to add on zips, seals or boots then you’re heading to around £500 in costs so you may as well have gone new in the first place.

Fins Buy these after your suit so you can get them to fit the boots.

Regulators You’ll need cold water regulators and these can cost a few hundred pounds. You can pick up used regulators though and a service cost is around £40 to £80 to bear in mind with what you pay. Also, check what you’re getting for your money – does it include the SPG, low inflator hose, octopus? Sometimes it’s just the first and second stage.

SMB and Reel This is a must for UK diving and everyone should have their own

Hood and Gloves These can be picked up second hand but make sure you know what size you’d like as a medium in one brand is a large in another!

BCD/Wing These can be picked up second hand but must be serviced before use. Make sure you know which size you’d like for your dry suit as my wetsuit BCD is one size smaller than my dry suit BCD.




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