Ocean Diver is committed to high quality training and coaching. We run regular dive trips through our dive club and our club evenings cover a range of talks and workshops on dive related topics.

Paul Davies

I started diving 22 years ago and continue to do so with a passion and love both for the sport and especially the marine environment. Over the years, I enriched my education and dive training to include specialties in deep and technical diving, my highest teaching qualification currently being that of a PADI Staff Instructor.

Favourite dives? Far too many to mention, but under the ice, the Scapa Flow wrecks, Red Sea reefs, Whale sharks, seals, all of these and more are my favourites. Diving wish list? Got to be Truk Lagoon and the Galapagos islands.

Maryse Dare: PADI Instructor 360799

I started diving in 2004, diving in warm waters around the world for the first decade, spending much time in the Red Sea as well as visiting Australia, New Zealand and the Med amongst others.  Inspired by the wreck diving around the UK I took my first steps into UK waters and fell in love immediately. As a teacher, instructing was the natural next step and I have continued to enjoy diving in different locations around the UK. Particular favourites are the Farnes and Plymouth. I’m looking forward to squeezing in a Scapa Flow trip soon!

Matthew Wright: PADI Divemaster

Matt has dived all over the UK as well wider afield. In paralle to his Divemaster qualification he has fitted in tec training and running the dive club in between.  Favourite dives? Anything in a twinset penetrating a wreck! He quite fancies the idea of the Galapagos and the Truk lagoon!



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