Fewer than two per cent of divers achieve the highest rating for recreational divers. To become a Master Scuba Diver you need to have completed your Rescue Course, five PADI specialities and have logged a minimum of fifty dives.

Consider the training you would like that meets your interests. The Deep, Enriched Air and Wreck specialities are popular as they extend and develop skills to increase your range of diving opportunities. If you are considering continuing to work towards your Dive Master then Deep and Search and Recovery are recommended specialities as they contribute towards your course. Navigation is useful tor increasing your confidence underwater.

If you are a member of our club then take advantage of our “Speciality Specials” with the opportunity to complete Peak Performance Buoyancy (£60 plus manual) and Project Aware (£40) to contribute towards your Master Scuba Diver. Enriched Air (£110) can be completed online.

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