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Why we love Mulberry Divers

Mulberry Divers is based on the south coast in Selsey. They run a shop, a school and a dive shuttle.

Great Diving

Mulberry has some great sites on their boat schedule. There's a good mix of dive sites including some super wrecks as well as scenic dives. There's shore diving available too which makes it a great place for a club trip for mixed abilities and divers. Mulberry uses a RHIB with a ladder and the crew are super helpful!


There are many wrecks to enjoy. To find out more see the list of dives on Mulberry's website. If you book up in advance you can ask for particular sites to be added on which is helpful for a club trip.

Marine Life

Our club members have had some great interactions with marine life over the years. Catsharks, lobsters, rays, Smoothhounds, Nudis… and even a seahorse! There's so much to see and enjoy under the water,

Training Opportunities

Because of the mix of diving on offer there are a number of courses that can be run, or you can build experience in the water with shore diving and shallow boat diving. The people on board are always helpful and the staff will provide helpful advice if you ask. Mulberry also runs a great dive school and if you're looking to try out Freediving then get in touch with them. They've run super snorkelling sessions too which is on my list for myself and my daughter when she's old enough to jump in with them.

Club Trips

It's very easy to run a club trip here. Have a look at the boat schedule and then contact Mulberry and let them know what you'd like. They can hold some spaces for you so club members book in and then release the spaces back. We try to head down regularly as it's an easy drive, easy to park and set up and you can enjoy an icecream or a meal together afterwards.

Helpful Staff

The staff are really helpful here. Be aware that the boat is a short distance from the shop so if you need fills then get there early. You'll need time between dives to get fills so you'll need two tanks.

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