You may want to specialise in different areas of diving to broaden and widen your opportunities. Dry suit diving opens up year round diving; the wreck speciality opens up a whole new range of adventures around the UK coast and abroad. Each speciality consists of a number of different aspects and if you have completed a dive as part of your advanced then this counts towards your first dive of your speciality course.

Wreck Speciality: conducted over two days you will being to develop skills to open up the stunning wreck opportunities in the UK and abroad.

Deep Speciality: over two days you will be certified to 40m you will increase your understanding of the effects of diving at depth.

Dry Suit Speciality: dry suits open up a whole new world of dive sites. This course is conducted over one day.

Enriched Air Speciality: if you want more bottom time then this is the course for you. This course develops your awareness of the use of nitrox and your certification is essential for those nitrox fills. This course can be conducted online or over a period of one day.

Peak Performance Buoyancy: a key skill of safe and enjoyable diving, buoyancy is a skill that takes time to develop. Over one day, this is a great opportunity to spend time with an instructor who will help you develop your water skills.

Search and Recovery: over two days you will develop skills in underwater search and recovery, learning different search patterns and developing the use of a lift bag.

Underwater Navigation: an essential skill for anyone who is planning to dive with a buddy, you will undertake three dives, increasing your confidence in the use of a compass and finding your way underwater.


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