Wrecks are a big draw to many divers, and for some, the reason why they dive. The history, the atmosphere, the exploration… The PADI Wreck Specialty consists of four dives over two days and it’s your first step in exploring wrecks. We will learn how to assess the wreck, how to lay a line and basic skills for penetration.

There are wonderful cold water dive opportunities around the world, not least of all right here in the UK. The PADI Dry Suit course takes you through how to dive in a dry suit, and how to care for it too. Minimum two dives in open water.

PADI Deep Specialty

The PADI Deep Specialty prepares you to dive to 40m.  In four dives over two days, under the supervision of your instructor you will complete your “narc” test and build an awareness of your own limitations to enable you to dive to depth safely.

The PADI Enriched Air course teaches you how to use Enriched Air (Nitrox).  Nitrox gives you more “bottom” time, meaning you can stay at depth for longer, making this a perfect course to partner with Deep and Wreck courses. There is the choice of learning this course face to face, or via online learning.

The Night Diver course consists of three dives to give you valuable training and experience under the supervision of a PADI professional. You will practise communicating underwater and you will also simulate a torch failure so that you are prepared in the unlikely event of this happening on a dive.

The PADI Navigation course covers essential underwater skills to enable you to dive safely and independently. You will build your confidence and competence in using your compass, as well as practising natural navigation.

PADI Zombie ApocalpseThe PADI Zombie Apocalypse is a fun and enriching course. Covering a range of techniques, including basic rescue, photography, search and recovery and first aid (amongst many others) it is a course that introduces and embeds skills in a fun and applicable way.

Join our club and we’ll buddy you with experienced divers on our boat dives. If you’d like to dive under the supervision of an instructor, however, then the PADI Boat Specialty is the course for you. We will go out for the day on a boat, and your instructor will take you through all the skills needed to safely access boat diving.

The PADI Search and Recovery course takes you through search patterns, and using a lift bag safely. You will also learn key knots and practise them underwater.

DSMBs are an essential bit of kit when diving in the sea. The PADI DSMB Specialty will take you through the different options available to you, as well as giving you valuable training and practice in deploying a DMSB before you get into the sea. If you’re a club member, or if you’re on a training course in the sea, we will support you further in the water with deploying your surface marker safely.

We have a wealth of marine life here in the UK. If you’d like to know more, or complete a Project Aware Specialty course then we offer a range of qualifications to develop your knowledge and understanding of the marine world.

The O2 Provider is a perfect partner to the Emergency First Responder and Rescue Courses. Boats we dive on will always be equipped with O2 equipment but divers should never rely on the skipper, or their instructor to administer O2. We believe firmly that all divers should take this course and discount it accordingly.