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Wraysbury Dive Centre

Wraysbury Dive Centre is our local inland site and we frequent it often. Our goal is to hit the UK seas but we use Wraysbury to build time in the water, to train or to have a good day out with friends.

Wraysbury is situated just off junction 13 of the M25. If you're coming from the East or South (going clockwise) then after the M3 turn off keep in the left hand lane and come off at the junction. You need to be in the left hand lane as you'll be taking the first exit off the first roundabout. You'll then arrive at a second roundabout; turn right. Keep going through the village and you'll see the entrance on your left not long after the pub. If you hit the railway station then you've gone too far so turn into the station, turnaround and head back.

At time of writing the blog, entrance is £10. Have the cash handy when arriving at the weekend; only divers pay so if you're dropping someone off, or staying for the day to supervise your child then only those in the water will pay an entrance fee. Once paid and parked you'll need to sign in at the shop.

Drive slowly when coming in and follow the instructions on where to park. If it's a weekday then head down and park and go into the shop to pay and sign in.

Food and Drink

We tend to bring along our own water and often eat a meal at the site. There are burgers, sausage sandwiches and our favourite is nachos. Hot drinks are available. Bring along cash to pay for the food and drink.

Air and Kit

Air is available on site and it's a nice quick fill. Kit hire is available too. You'll need a deposit for kit and air is paid for by cash.


The dive shop is reasonably stocked given the size, and they're always happy to order stuff in for you. The essentials are there which is helpful if you need anything on a dive day.


Whilst we offer a great training experience, Wraysbury has a good training facility too with some great instructors. There are courses offered which we don't cover, such as the Solo Diver course. There is a classroom for hire, and a confined area which makes it easy to run courses such as Dry Suit as you can head into the confined first for the compulsory intro session before heading out into the open water.


I love a dive at Wraysbury. It can be busy round the platforms at weekends so we head out further into the lake and it's a great way to spend an hour. I love the cave set up and there's enough under water to help with navigation and keep the dive interesting. It's a fantastic place to build experience, to practise skills and to have a good day out with club mates.

The viz can be variable around the training platforms, but heading out further helps. I'm not worried about poor viz when diving or training as it builds essential skills and confidence.  It's also easy to plan a dive to a particular feature, such as the swim throughs, that ties in nicely with a particular dive time. Do ask the staff there as they are helpful and will advise on a particular route. There's a map available on the door to the shop.

Other facilities

There are changing rooms and toilets, although the changing facilities can get busy at weekends so I tend to change at the car. There is servicing on site so easy to leave a piece of kit and then pick it up the next time you're in for a splash.

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