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Who wouldn’t want to learn how to tackle Zombies underwater? This is, however, a real course and it covers real skills. It incorporates a taster of a variety of specialties and applies theory that you’ll have come across in your training so far. Add to that a bundle of fun!So what will you learn? There’s an element of search and recovery alongside rescue skills and first aid. Add in a bit of navigation and you’ve a range of skills to practise. You’ll have a go on an underwater camera and have to use a bit of physics to solve problems. There is task loading too which is always interesting to increase your awareness of your own diving.

The course can only be offered by Zombie Instructors and there are limited numbers around the world. We’re lucky enough to have such an instructor so if you’d like to join in the fun then get in touch. Our next course is on the 25 – 26 August at Wraysbury. Course fees are £199. Spaces are limited to 8 people.

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